WUGAO Project


Wugao is a deserted village. We walked into the very original land and then disappeared in the forest.Kong Delin regards himself and the urban cityas an ill body caused by the village. All the pains in consciousness push him to go back to hometown again and again for curing. He planned lichen on the coffin woods and painted on the abandoned house. All these efforts can not solve the root problem of the village, but a response. Ton Zwerver, from the perspective of an outsider, reassembled functionless objects into the imagination of village by‘sculpture for the moment’. He is also astraggler meeting Wugao together with the masks in his memory.Two artists can not communicate directly because of the language barrier. So the project is more like a speechless journey in the southwest village where is normally ignored. Dialogue actually happened between their art works, quietly, even without the audience. But the wind talks in the mountains, the green and lichen will cover all vestige.

巫高是一个近乎无人的村落,一行人此时的进入,就像被带入母体的子宫里,消失于一片郁郁生林。孔德林将自己和城市都比作大病一场的身体,而乡村就是那个病症根源,这种产生于意识中的隐痛让他不断需要回到故乡,亟望得到修复。他在寿木上种植青苔,他在废弃的房屋上画画,“修”与“补”无法真正解决乡村的“问题”,却期予以回应。Ton Zwerver以一个局外人的视角,通过“瞬间的雕塑”将那些已经丧失掉使用功能的物件重新组合成他对乡村的想象。同时,他又像是一个游荡者,与存在于记忆中的面具一起实现一场与巫高的相遇。不同的语言阻断了两位艺术家的直接交流,因此巫高计划实则是一次在失语状态下于闽西乡村——一个被我们忽视之处的旅程,两者借由作品无声对话,它甚至没有观众。而山野有声,植被和青苔将掩盖所有的痕迹。

I can not do any more with Wugao. The village should be folded or fragmented thoughtfully, chaotically and diavergingly to surmise its feeling of real misfortune by the right mistake, repairing or breaking.I also treasure the way of aphasia happened between us. The language barrier seems to be the providence, which refers to the remote mountains and village directly. We can do something in silence and even become parts of each other's work. All these should be interesting.——Kong Delin


孔德林,《巫高计划·画符和日记》,巫高废弃建筑墙面,墨 ,尺寸可变,2017
Kong Delin,Wugao Project · Writing Spell and Diary,Abandoned Walls; ink ,Variable,2017

孔德林,《巫高计划·青苔与长寿》,巫高遗弃寿木,现场青苔,尺寸可变 ,2017
Kong Delin,Wugao Project · Lichen and Longevity,Abandoned coffin wood and lichen in Wugao,Variable,2017

This research focussed on the making of new “sculptures for the moment”.  I was confronted with the fact that I am an outsider in China, coming from Europe, with not much knowledge of their specific traditions and history.As we looked around a lot of houses were empty and there were only five families still living there. Many key themes came into my mind, such as: Tradition, transience, attaching, changing, rejecting, advancing, detaching, the memories, the spirit of the place, the changing time, longing for whatever it was. I tried to make a connection with the spirit of what was left over.——Ton Zwerver


托恩·泽弗,《瞬间的雕塑06072017》 ,摄影,60*40cm、40*60cm, 2017
Ton Zwerver, Sculpture for The Moment 06072017, Photograph,60*40cm、40*60cm, 2017


巫高计划 · 艺术家介绍  
Wugao Project· Artist

Ton Zwerver
(b. 1951, NL) lives and works in Amsterdam. He graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld academie and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten. His work has been in a number of exhibitions, in both The Netherlands and abroad. He has held solo exhibitions at PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York, Galerie Carlos Poy, Barcelona, and Gemeente Museum, Arnhem to name a few. He is currently teaching at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Basisjaar, Beeldhouwen, an activity that he combines with his art practice.

Kong Delin,
lives and works in Xiamen. He is more local based in recent years. His exhibitions including: Mentioned but Vaguely · Kong Delin solo exhibition(We space,Xiamen,2014), The Possibility of An Island(Shapowei 22, Xiamen,2015 ),Anonymous· Contemporary Art Exhibition(Ginkgo Space,Beijing,2016),Grain God Narrative· The-11th-Shanghai-Biennale City project (Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai,2016 ),Open-air Market’s Charlatan· An Abandoning Brick Factory(Houtian,Xiamen,2017),Open-air Market’s Charlatan· A New Landscape of the Beach(Houtian,Xiamen, 2017).


生于福建宁化,现居厦门,近年转移在地展览居多。近期展览包括,2014年“在语焉不详处·德林个展”(厦门无垠·喂空间,厦门不愿去艺文空间)、 2015年“一座岛屿的可能性·当代艺术群展”(厦门沙坡尾22号)、2016年“佚名·当代艺术展” (北京今格艺术中心)、 2016年“谷神变·第十一届上海双年展城市项目” (上海外滩和平饭店斯沃琪艺术中心)、 2017年"后天计划(第二回)露天市场的江湖骗子·一座正将被废弃的砖厂"(厦门后田外围废弃砖厂)、2017年"后天计划(第三回)露天市场的江湖骗子·一片海滩的新风景"(厦门后田海滩)等。

An installation made of mud, moss, plants and a monitor screen showing the environment of Wu Gao village

A passage made of handmade Yukou papers from Ning Hua

Opening:4P.M. May 20th,2017
May 20th - June 18th,2017
Venue:Three Shadows Xiamen Photography Art CentreOpening Hours:09:30 - 17:30 TUE - SUN,closed on MON
Artists: Kong Delin & Ton Zwerver
Curatorial Team: AXIS Art Project
Special Thanks:An An、Gui Shuzhong、Huang Shihong、Lei Mingliang、Secretary Mr. Qiu、Wang Lesheng、Secretary Mr. Wu、Yang Tao、Yang Jianxiong、Zhang Jian、Zhang Hailiang

展期:2017.05.20 – 2017.06.18
开放时间:周二至周日 09:30 - 17:30,周一休息
艺术家:孔德林 & 托恩·泽弗