Last year, Gazetteer-Novel selected two natural villages (Xu'aodi in Zhejiang, Tankou in Anhui) and four urban communities (the town of Qiyun in Anhui, Oversea Chinese Village in Quanzhou, Shapowei in Xiamen, and the town of Xinzao in Guangzhou) for a-week-long writing residencies. Before meeting the audience, the text is displayed as its object in this temporary (also eternal in a kind) library. The object of the textsuspends the reference to any given region and is re-catalogued in the library without any summative experience and typical feeling of misplacement, behind which, the significance of geographical or human memory disappears at this moment. The identities of the six southern villages (or towns) are folded to the back of the visible text, which is not presented as a marvel or a surprise, but the author’s daily life as a traveler in somewhere else .

In the library, the curator will return to be a librarian with a feather duster - a ceremonial caretaker (in a sense, the character returns to the initial transition between care and cure). Explore endlessly along the seemingly inelegant hexagonal symmetry, dust off the text and try to "measure" the distance between the author and the resident place:Did he (or she) go inside? Or is he (or she) still outside the door? Perhaps the librarian can ask herself this question, and this feeling of "far or close" will be involved in the path of the exhibition. Of course, the distance here is not the physical distance in the objective sense, nor does it have the ranking of good or bad.

Start from the whispering monologue mingled with buzzing - they are looking for an unknown woman. Put on gloves to carefully read the ancient archives, but accidentally fall into the shadow of black and white negative films. Because of the lonely force, slid into another wonderland in dizzy, yes Wonderland, where will wake up every 60 seconds and return to the worldly and desire. But the soul flutters off and becomes the one who is watching oneself - explore endlessly along the seemingly inelegant hexagonal symmetry, dust off the text, barely recognize that the image was a untouchable coincidence in geographically, but in myths and legends there might be evidence to follow. At this moment (a hypothetical opening moment), the shore "flotilla" leading the soul to join or return, find out a woman's name in the flashing images. Three miles away, the night keeper turns on the delayed light.

This infinite hexagon may not appear at all, if you enter or watch from any conventional route. As Dunraven said, "Think about the universe." Or the reverse.







Gazetteer-Novel in Xiamen:
Group Exhibition of Writing Residency
Curator: Yu Yuping
Artists: Chen Dandizi, Linlin, Hu Xiaolong, Huang Wenqing, Qiu Jia, Wang Wei, Xiao Jing, Xu Weiyu, Yang Qian, Zhu Xiang
Duration: 2019.8.3 - 2019.8.25 Opening: 2019.8.3 (Sat.), 17:00 Venue: BJOY IMAGE, No.107 Daxue Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Cooperation: Bi Shan Magazine, Dan Du, WEAP, Axis Art Project Support: Making Space, Never House, Five Cafe
Visual Design: Lin Luqi

方志小说厦门站 驻地写作联展

艺术家:陈丹笛子 厦门沙坡尾、韩里林 广州新造镇、胡小隆 泉州华侨新村、黄雯青 泉州华侨新村、仇佳 厦门沙坡尾 、王威 浙江徐岙底、肖竞 安徽潭口村、许炜裕 广州新造镇、杨茜 安徽齐云小镇、朱湘 厦门沙坡尾
展期:2019.8.3 - 2019.8.25
地点:白灼空间,厦门 思明区 大学路107号 项目合作:碧山杂志书、单读、野骨力艺术项目、轴艺术项目

Hu Xiaolong,Unconventional Guest Number for Nanyang Return, Photography, variable size, 2019

Chen Dandizi, Sixty Seconds Of Wonderland Park, Three-channel video, color, sound, 9'45", 2019

Zhu Xiang,Si hong - Fictional / Historical, Handmade book and ready-made, variable size, 2018-2019

Lecture Performing: 1 Mile Away
Artist: Xiao Jing
Time: Aug 17th and 18th, 15:00-16:00, 19:30-20:30
Venue: The living room of BJOY

讲座剧场  | 《三里书》艺术家:肖竞

The distance from Xikeng village tooutside is about 1 mile. For hundreds of years, this small village has lived innear isolation. In the 1990s, with the rise of tourism, businessmen andgovernments saw the potential for success in the beautiful valley and tried topromote it in various ways. In 2013, the valley officially started a formalphase of cultural tourism development. The villagers of Xikeng moved to Tankouvillage 1 mile away.

This work will present what I have seen and heard in the local area from a personal perspective. As a miniature of China's vast land, Xikeng demonstrates the possibility of current rural construction. After a few years, the young people will settle out, and the old people will pass away, and the Xikeng will be wiped off from the maps. But as long as the memory passes on, the village will never disappear. I hope 1 mile Away can contribute to the lasting existence ofa tiny village in the collective memory, so do many villages like "Xikeng".