The Restaurant at the Egg of the Universe


The Guide is Always Right
and The Reality is Occasionally Wrong

指南永远正确 现实偶尔出错

In the exhibition, which is like a spacecraft, curators and artists will lose their established identities but become explorers and builders like cosmonauts. This journey, as an Odyssey drift of closed time and space, the capsule will also be seen as a total installation, copied from a flowing open space into a countpart and again, here and now, into an open and topological collaborative theater, where artists play the roles of science fiction writer, product designer, game designer, sound creators and visual artist. Nobody will empower themselves with heroism, but do their jobs. One premise, of course, is that they have to convince themselves that within the total order, there is still an aura slipping through the net. In that last situation, all you need to do is to wait quietly for the spectator, the seeker.

Spacewalk of "n+2"
[n] Total collaboration:

DABEIYUZHOU-Lin Kunhao, Fu Zhigang, Hou Keshan, Huang Cheng, Li Weiyi, Wang Zhiyi, Yang Zhiqian, Zhang Yehong will present in different roles, to create an open scene together.

[2] Residency intervention:
Btr will write a novel for The Restaurant at the Egg of the Universe during the exhibition.
Happybird usually avail themselves of every opportunity according to the scene.




Btr,将在展览期间驻地,为宇宙尽头的餐厅(the Restaurant at the Egg of Universe)撰写专属它的小说。喜鹊,将在展览现场见缝插针进行创作。

Btr, DABEIYUZHOU-Lin Kunhao, Fu Zhigang, Hou Keshan,
Huang Cheng, Li Weiyi, Wang Zhiyi, Happybird, Yang Zhiqian, Zhang Yehong

Sponsor: HITEL

Curatorial Team: AXIS Art Project

Opening: 2018.08.11, 15:30 - 17:30

Duration: 2018.08.11 - 2018.09.08, 10:30 - 17:30

Venue: HITEL, Xiamen

Visual Design: FUNNYBONE




开幕时间:2018.08.11,15:30 - 17:30

展览时间:2018.08.11 - 2018.09.08,10:30 - 17:30